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Step 1 : Select Cylinder

Step 2 : Sizing Systems

Step 3 : Choosing Collector Type



To size the correct system you must understand the operating principle behind every solar thermal system.

When sizing the system the desired "solar fraction" must be chosen.

This is the fraction of your yearly hot water heating bill that will now be satisfied by your new Joule solar system.

The desired solar fraction can be seen below,

60% if feeding a hot water system only
40% if feeding space heating system
By finding the size of the load to be achieved by the new Joule solar system we can then size the solar system correctly.
Please see example below. Our engineers are always on hand to help advise you in selecting the correct system.
No. of People Solar Cylinder Size Size of Flat Panel Size of Evacuated Tube
1-2 200 Liters 2 Panel System (4 Sq Mtr) 30 Tube System (2.79sq mtr)
3-5 300 Liters 3 Panel System (6 Sq Mtr) 40 Tube System (3.72sq mtr)
These figures are based on optimal orientation, due south, and optimal angle of tilt, 35° 

Step 3 : Choosing Collector Type