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Step 1 : Select Cylinder

Step 2 : Sizing Systems Step 3 : Choosing Collector Type


When choosing your cylinder you must first consider what your system requirements are.
There are generally two common system types to select from.


In this system your hot water cylinder is fed directly from your cold water storage tank no
more than 10m above the level of the cylinder.
If there is any pump on the plumbing system it must be located after the hot water cylinder.
The unique feature of this system is that the pressure in the cylinder is derived exclusively
from "head" pressure generated from the height of the cold water tank above the cylinder.
The copper solar cylinder is an ideal solution for open vented plumbing systems and offers a competitive solution with 2 years manufacturers guarantee. 


In this system your hot water cylinder is fed from a pumped source.
This pump can either be delivering water directly from a well through a filtering and softening system and then pumped under pressure to the hot water cylinder or a
pump could be inserted on the pipe feeding the hot water cylinder from the cold water
storage tank.
It must be noted that under the requirements of the water regulations in the
Republic of Ireland a pump may not be fed directly from the main incoming water supply. 
The high performance Joule Cyclone stainless steel cylinder is an ideal solution for all applications.
It comes with superior Duplex 2304 and a manufacturers guarantee of 25 years.
Cylinder Sizing
This is dependent on your household's hot water demand, which is estimated at 50 litres per adult / per day.
Cylinder storage size is calculated at twice the demand.
Therefore, it is recommended a 200 litre cylinder for a one to two adult household and a 300 litre cylinder
for three to five adults.

Step 2 : Sizing Systems