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Glow-worm Flexicom CX Combi


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Our smallest High Efficiency combi boiler, small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard and with its direct rear flue it is ideal for replacements for small to medium sized homes, from apartments to 3 bed semi detached properties.

It's so small it fits inside a standard kitchen cupboard* and because the Flexicom cx is a combi boiler, there's no need for a cylinder or cold water tank either.

The Flexicom cx is the only condensing combi boiler in the UK with a direct rear flue option, so is not only neat and tidy but you can fit it almost anywhere - particularly helpful when replacing old direct rear flue boilers.

The Flexicom cx combi boiler is now also available with the option of a 'glide down' plug-in timer. One simple push and the clock glides into position. Set the time to your central heating and hot water requirements and another gentle push hides the clock from view in the base of the boiler.


Key Features

  • Available in 24kW, 30kW or 35kW models
  • High Efficiency with a NOx Class 5 rating
  • Compact, fits in a standard kitchen cupboard*
  • The first high efficiency condensing boiler in UK with a direct rear flue option
  • No need to wait for hot water with a 5-second** hot water response
  • Optional 'glide down' plug in timer, all the functionality of an external timer without the need for extra wiring
  • Inbuilt frost protection for the all important winter months
  • The Flexicom cx combi boiler has on board diagnostics for superior serviceability
  • Extensive flueing options for flexibility in installation
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty

*Sizes of kitchen cupboards may vary. Please check boiler and cupboard dimensions prior to installations.

**Measured at a tap 1m from the boiler.



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