What is Clipex®?

Clipex® started in 2007 when the Olsson family invented a patented clip inside a fence post. Since then it has evolved into a complete fencing system. From the end strainers, to the wire and fence posts, we've developed a system that's designed to work together. Our goal is to deliver to farmers an entire fence that is stronger, easier and significantly faster to erect.

How does the clip work?

Our fence posts are made with special slots at the ideal intervals along the post. We then rivet a small pin and keeper assembly to each slot in our factory. This clip assembly enables a fencing wire to be clipped into the post in the blink of an eye, but the orientation of the keeper and pins prevent the wire from coming out.

Will the clips corrode?

The pins that hold the clip are made from stainless steel and the clip itself is coated with a proprietary dacromet ® coating to avoid any electrolysis between the fencing wire and the clip.

What makes up the system?

Clipex Stayfast® end assemblies have a heavy duty ground anchoring system able to hold a large number of high tensile wires. They're purposely designed for the Clipex® TUFF knot pre-fabricated wire. This wire features the toughest knots available, a single vertical picket wire and lots of high tensile line wires that line up perfectly with the clips on the Y posts.

How strong is the Clipex® system?

One of the unique features of Clipex® is the ability to easily attach pre-fabricated wire to the post. Traditionally, pre-fab wire fences use several plain salvage wires, which are then tied to the mesh of the salvage wire in only 2 or 3 places. This allows the fence to bow in the middle. With Clipex® the wire and posts are designed for each other, so you can attach at least 6 line wires directly into the post with ease, creating a sturdier fence without the need for salvage wires.

How tough are the clips?

When fencing wire is attached to a Clipex® post, it's held inside the slot in the post. As such, the post does most of the work holding the wire, making it nearly impossible to damage the clip assembly without bending the post or breaking the wire first.

Does it weaken the Post?

Some of our posts have slots close to the ground which can weaken the post in bending. To overcome this weakness, a patented bracing strap or backing plate, is welded to the post at ground level to increase the strength of the post.

Is it difficult to use?

The Clipex® mechanism is so simple to use that even children can immediately attach fencing wire just as securely as an experienced fencing contractor. There's no fiddly extra parts to buy, carry or lose. Because the wire attaches to the post so easily, care should be taken to avoid accidentally clipping wires in.

Can the wire be un-clipped?

Wire can be unclipped by manually rotating the clip up and pulling the wire out. This allows wire to be easily pulled out and recycled, or pulled out and re-strained.

Can the wire be un-clipped?

Wire can be unclipped by manually rotating the clip up and pulling the wire out. This allows wire to be easily pulled out and recycled, or pulled out and re-strained.

Can the clips be damaged?

The pins are solid stainless steel, and are riveted to the post with a 10 tonne punch and are extremely difficult to damage. The entire clip assembly sits inside the confines of the post, so they won't get in the way while being driven into the ground.

Do the posts twist or split?

In 2010 Clipex® developed a new method for making Y Bar. We make all our Y bar in our own factory with the highest quality materials. The points are cropped symmetrically to avoid twisting while being driven into the ground. We even add a bead of weld to the top of every post to help prevent splitting when being driven into rocky ground with a pneumatic driver.

Does Clipex® make bigger posts?

There are 2 versions of Clipex® posts. Clipex® Standard posts, which are a similar size to traditional posts, and the Clipex Beefy® Posts which are much larger and designed to be a replacement for timber intermediate posts.


We make a custom electric insulator that has a stainless steel pin inside it which clips into our posts like a fencing wire would . Any third party insulators can also be attached as there is a normal hole in the post above each clip assembly, with the exception of the top clip.

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